An interlude…

I’m going to be a bit behind, I think, with my challenge of reading 50 memoirs in a year. I haven’t been able to read about real life for a little while, for obvious reasons. I’m hoping to get back to the memoirs again, when I feel able to, as I would like to continue with this. I started On Chapel Sands by Laura Cummings and am enjoying it so far, but have had to break off from it and start reading a gorgeous rom com instead, Sunrise at Butterfly Cove, by my friend Sarah Bennett. I’m hoping to get back to On Chapel Sands when I feel ready!

This morning I’ve done a very surreal waltz-like Aldi shop, with my trolley, keeping that safe distance from everybody (although it was very quiet in there) – and with a pair of winter gloves on and my hair up, so it wouldn’t flop over my face as usual and have to be fiddled with. I hated the feeling that everyone was wary and almost suspicious of everyone else. I tried to catch a couple of people’s eyes and give a couple of smiles, but no-one was really having it! And I was worried I’d accidentally get too close to someone and get barked at or something (and burst into tears!). But, it was fine. Everyone’s feeling the same, aren’t they?

Anyway, now I’m going to settle down continue editing my next book, in between supervising my kids with their school work, when needed, although they are old enough to get on with it themselves (in their dressing gowns, at present!). There’s already been a slight altercation over gradients, which luckily I was not called upon to assist with, in the end (thank you, YouTube), but we’ll see how we go…

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